Fleet Management

Make your city greener and more liveable
  • We provide all the hardware and software you need to run a bike-share
  • Donkify your current bike fleet with our kit, or purchase Donkey Bikes, designed for sharing
  • Bikes come with an assembly guide, then all you need is to create virtual hubs and roll them out
  • In just a few weeks, you get a complete bike-sharing system up and running

How donkey Republic works

Virtual hubs, physical hubs or hybrid system
  • Easy to create and change in just a few clicks
  • Keeping the set-up cost low
  • Take bikes from docking hubs and drop them off at virtual ones
  • Relocation fees to prompt correct parking and avoid misplacement
  • Add bike racks or docking hubs if desired
The Stables (Fleet Management System)
  • Manage payments, users and pricing
  • Create coupon codes and custom memberships
  • Create new hubs or edit current
  • Monitor performance of fleet and maintenance crew
  • Shepherd app for an easy digital management of the fleet

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Some of our current partners

Troels Andersen

Traffic Planner at City of Odense
Donkey Republic deliver high quality bikes and a system that is very user friendly and flexible. We have been pleased with the professional collaboration and the companies ability to continually innovate and improve the system. We see the bikes bring value to the city and support our efforts in being a sustainable and cycling focused city.

Daan Pelckmans

Chief Cycling Officer at City of Ghent
We are glad to have Donkey Republic operating in our city with their reliable and very user-friendly bike-sharing system. The experienced team behind Donkey Republic acts diligently upon the expectations of both city officials, customers, and inhabitants of our city. As such, its orange bikes have become an asset for many who want to continuously increase the quality of life in our city.

Freek Deuss

Project leader Living Lab Shared Bikes, City of Utrecht
After selecting Donkey Republic out of a handful of candidates as the share bike operator in our municipality, we now have cooperated with them for almost two years. Their bikes and bike sharing system proved to be good. And as a company they are reliable and nice to work with.

Teun Kolner

Mobility Advisor at City of Rotterdam
Vehicle sharing is the future for cities that are becoming busier and where space is becoming scarcer. Donkey Republics bicycles contribute to making Rotterdam more sustainable and more liveable. Thanks to the virtual hub system, the bicycles are neatly parked and do not cause any nuisance.