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Locks & Licenses
Is it possible to attach/detach a lock on another bike?

Yes, locks can be transferred between bikes. For this, the respective bikes need to be disabled. Once the lock is physically attached to the new bike, go on your Stables account, select the lock, press on the “three dots” next to it and ‘attach’ it in the system to the bike of your choice.

How can I end a license?

A license runs as long as your contract is active. After minimum one year, you can choose if you want to stop the license. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Can I stop paying for a license if a bike gets stolen?

If you want to stop paying for the license of a stolen bike you need to get in touch with your account manager. Contractually, you are bound to purchase a license in yearly intervals with a minimum duration of 1 year. Therefore, we might not be able to end your license right away, but whenever the license’s cycle ends.
However, whenever a bike goes missing, you’ll get the support from the Donkey Republic team, who will help you track the bike or contact the last user.

Where can I find information about my contract and invoices?

For any questions related to contracts and invoices please get in touch with your account manager.

How do I see the date my license has started?

A license starts, when the lock you bought got activated in your account. You can see this date by by clicking at the lock in your stables account and checking the warranty date. If you are unsure, please reach out to your account manager with the lock number.

How can I check the warranty on my lock?

The warranty period of each lock is 18 months from the date of registration in your Stable account. You can see the exact date only for AXA Lock BLE in the lock menu, as shown below.
Navigate to Stables. Choose the “Locks” menu. Search for your lock, click on it and you should see on the very bottom the starting date of your lock warranty.
Alternatively, you can go to the vehicle that has the lock attached and you can click on Lock and this should list the lock properties.

Fleet Management
How does a hub with e-bikes look like in the app? And how does a hub with e-bikes and pedal-bikes look like?

If a hub has e-bikes in it, the orange dot indicating the hub in the app will show a lightning sign. When you select the hub you will be able to see the amount of e-bikes and/or normal bikes in it.

How do I report issues with the bikes I have received?

If you are managing your own fleet and have an issue with a working bike or lock, you can either report it in your account’s Slack channel (“Account – Your City”) or by filling this online form. Our hardware team will have a look at the issue and assist you further. You can expect a reply within 5 business day since the team needs to assess the issue and come up with solutions.

Can you end this rental for me?

To end a rental, the easiest way is to contact our Customer Support agents, via phone or chat. You can reach them on the following phone numbers, depending on the country you are in: https://www.donkey.bike/contact/. If you have a Slack channel please write in it directly.

How do I create a new Hub?

You can easily create and delete hubs yourself via the Shepherd App and your Stables account. For more details please refer to the guides in the Fleet Management Tab.

One of my bikes is stolen, can you help me find it/contact the last user?

Our Customer Support team can try to assist you finding your missing bikes. Write on your Slack channel or to [email protected] the bike name or ID of your missing bike. The team will have a look in the system and see the last information of the rental. If the last rental was ended incorrectly we can contact the user and charge him for the lost bike after 30 days from the moment the bike has been reported as missing, however it is not given that this is successful. If the last rental was ended correctly we can provide the GPS locations of the bike and you can contact local authorities.

What app should I use to manage my fleet?

The only App for fleet management is the Shepherd App. The App is only available on Android phone and you can download it on this link. All the previous fleet Management app such as the owner app are now obsolete.

How can I change pricing?

In order to change the pricing in your account go to your account ‘Settings’ and press on ‘Pricing’. On the Account Pricing page, choose the vehicle type you’d like to edit pricing and press on ‘edit’. Once your changes have been made, press ‘Save’.

Where is my missing bike?

We do not know where your missing bike is. However, we are actively looking for it. During the first 30 days from the moment your bike has been reported as missing, our support team will contact the last rider several times in order to get information regarding the bike’s location. If the rider doesn’t reply nor give us the right information, they will be charged a ‘Lost bike’ fee after the 30 days period is over. The fee depends on the type of bike which has been lost.

How can I contact Donkey Republic?

Whenever you’d like to get in touch with us regarding a rental or bike issues, please write in your dedicated Slack channel or to [email protected]. A support agent will get in touch with you as soon as possible to assist you in your query. For any questions related to your account such as invoicing, contract, etc. please get in touch via Slack or email with your account manager.

Can you add a specific feature in the App?

If you’d like a new App feature to be implemented, a new dashboard to be created or maybe give a general feedback about our product and services please click on the link and fill in the form. We can’t promise we will be able to make it, but your opinion matters. We will get back to you as soon as we have some feedback about it 🙂 Go to form

How can I change my bike during a rental?

If you have an issue with the bike you are currently renting, you can exchange it by pressing “Switch bike” in the map page of the Donkey app. Be careful, you should ideally return your defect bike and take a new bike in a hub. The app will show you the nearest hubs where you can pick from.

Can I end my rental outside of a hub?

Please always return your bike to an official hub location. If you decide to end your rental outside a hub anyways, you will be charged a relocation fee. The fee differs due to the bikes distance from the next offical hub. Several notifications will be shown in the app informing you are about to end the rental outside of a hub and that a fee will apply.

Spare parts & Theft
Do the bikes/locks have an RFID sensor?

No, but our Donkey locks emit bluetooth signals which update the bike’s location in the Donkey App. A signal is emitted whenever a bike is locked or unlocked, as well as once a day in case they have not been used. If you are operating with your own bikes you can also purchase extra GPS trackers via our webshop.

How can I order spare parts?

Whenever you’d like to order some spare parts please visit our webshop at webshop.donkey.bike. If this is your first time, contact your account manager to get some login credentials. You’ll be able to find all the spare parts available for purchase. In case you’d like to order additional locks and hub signs please get in touch with your account manager.

How do I get a hub sign? Is it possible to have them customized?

We offer different hub signs that you can order. If you would like a different design and are unable to do it yourself, we can discuss options and pricing for a custom design. For orders and design questions, please contact your account manager.

How do I attach a GPS tracker to the Donkey?

If you’d like to attach a GPS tracker to a Donkey bike please contact your account manager

Data & dashboards
Where can I get an overview of my revenue for a specific period of time?

If you have access to the Stables Dashboards, you can have a look at “Stables Dashboard 6 – Revenue”. Select the required time period and the aggregation type by using the option filters at the top of the page.

Why are there rides that show an amount of 0€ in the system?

Rentals priced at 0€ are rentals which have been refunded by the Customer Support team due to issues OR rentals made by users with a membership. The membership allows them to ride for free for a certain time, resulting in the rentals priced at 0€.

Can you tell me the name and contact details of the last user?

Unless you have a special DPA agreement with us, we will not share the name of the last user for GDPR reason as we are bound to protect the data of our users.

Memberships & coupon codes
How does bulk code memberships function when the memberships are renewed? Are the codes staying the same?

When you create a bulk code membership, you must choose an “interval” (monthly or yearly). This interval is used to set the payment frequency. For example, if you set the interval to “monthly”, the membership will renew every month until it is canceled (until it expires or the user cancels the subscription). You also have to choose a membership prefix name, upon which several unique codes will be generated for each membership access, so the same codes can be used throughout months when the membership is active, with no need to renew the codes.

How can I see the number of users for a membership?

To see the number of users of a particular membership, go to tab ‘Dashboard’ of your Stables account. Select ’09-City Dashboard’ and scroll until dashboard ‘4.5 – Memberships’. All the memberships linked to your account should be displayed. If there is no data, it means that you do not have any subscriber.

How can I create a membership / discount code?

In order to create a discount code or a membership duplicate the document linked here and fill it out. Once this is done contact your account manager so that they can create the code for you. See document

What are the discounts I can provide to my users?

Our system provides different price offers to users. Check this document in order to have a clear overview of what can be offered.

How can I unlock a secret membership with a code?

If you have received a code for a secret membership, you can unlock it in the App by pressing the “Person” icon in the upper right corner and going to the “Membership Code” option. Once you enter a valid code, the corresponding membership will be shown. You then need to subscribe to it.

How can users use a coupon code?

To use the free minutes or discount from a coupon code, you must select a bike with the ‘Just Ride’ option, at the payment page you will be able to add the coupon code to the coupon code field. Be aware that you will have to pay the Just Ride prices, if you go above the free time of your coupon. If you end the rental before your free time runs out, the rest of the free time will expire.

User FAQ
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